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When I look back at my time in Malta I noticed that it turned out totally different then I thought it would at the beginning. I assumed that I would be home sick a lot and that it was hard to get used to the culture. Since the first day I felt great here in Malta. I haven’t been home sick at all. Of course I missed my friends and family but I didn’t want to go home for that, Malta was worth the stay. It also was pretty easy to get used to the culture. After a while you feel more fit in than in the beginning. With my blonde hair and lack of Maltese language I will always be the foreigner but if you respect their culture and just go with them and their norms and values you easily fit in. I also thought I wouldn’t get used to driving on the left side of the road, well I am so used to that now that I have to switch over as soon as I go back to The Netherlands. I also met some great new people and have a different look at a lot of things. Next year I am looking for a student apartment in Utrecht, now I know what I should take into account.

I have 17 days left here in Malta. There are some places I want to see before I go home and some things I want to do. But at the end I have seen the most important parts of Malta and I have been all over the island. At the beginning someone told me it wasn’t worth to learn the Maltese language because it would be too difficult. Now I know a few sentences and words in Maltese and it is a lot of fun to speak Maltese at the office as well. Yes it’s difficult because it sounds like Italian mixed with Arabic but it is fun to learn the language of the Country you are at. Especially when you hear specific words in the bus and you know what they mean or where they are talking about. I will also miss the food, but I can’t wait to eat typical Dutch food again.

Balcony view of Valletta

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In december 2019 ben ik op “sollicitatie” gesprek geweest bij Buffel Outdoor met 3 mede studenten in Oldenzaal op het hoofdkantoor. Het was een leuk gesprek met mooie instructie weekenden in Nederland