Den Haag and Cologne.

Den Haag

Almost there is no time left and that is why we want to take advantage of all the weekends and holidays to go out and get to know more places. So, last weekend we went to the Hague (Den Haag). I love that city and, which I do not like? hahaha

From my point of view, some of its streets resemble the streets of Bruges in Belgium. Not only because they are small but because of the environment, which was full of people.

We also went to the beach, it's beautiful, and I missed going to a haha beach.

Colonia (Köln)

Another city that I liked the most.

When we left the central train station, we could see the famous Cologne Cathedral. I was impressed because I had never seen a black cathedral but I loved it.

Then we went to a bridge also famous in Cologne. In it there is a fence where people put their padlock and throw the key to the water.

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