My journey began with a long flight over the Atlantic Ocean. More than 9 hours to get to Amsterdam from Bogota. I was so excited, that I couldn’t sleep during the flight, not a single minute. After landing in Amsterdam, the first thing that called my attention was the beauty of architecture, and how organized thing are in The Netherlands; But the biggest surprise was to see the sunset at 10 pm. Since we don’t have seasons in Colombia, the sunset is always at 6 pm, so that’s when the jet-lag started. During the first week, I usually woke up starving in the middle of the night and felt kind of tired during the day. It took almost one week to get used to the new schedule.

After the first week, I went to some classes in Arcus College at Sittard. There, I met very nice people. Some students and teachers were a little bit curious about the new guy from Colombia, and I wanted to learn more about them too.

The second surprise I had, was when I began to tell them more about my country, finding they only knew the name of the continent and the country, so I had to start from scratch. During that process I understand also, that there are many places of my own country I still need to discover.

Everytime you travel, even if is a short trip, you are open to many new things and experieces, with an international destination you will get to know new cultures and perspectives.

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