The work and my preparation

Because I follow my internship abroad I have to make my exam in English. As soon as I got my exam assignment I started to translate it so my boss would understand it too. I also had a chat with my boss and we discussed about how and what for the exam assignment. I am happy with the project I can use for my exam assignment and I am fulltime working on it. He gave me other projects to work on too so there is a lot to do. I think I will learn a lot at this company and it really suits me. The feedback is very good and positive too so my boss thinks the same about my work and the internship.

At the company I work with them on the same projects. They give me a part of a bigger project or my own project to work on but also tasks to help them with a project to do. I also helped with designing a logo and more next to interior design only. I like the variation and that you not always do the same thing. I started working on my exam assignment and as soon as I finish it I can go on and help them with their projects. They really involve me and are interested in my vision and opinion. They were planning to give me all sorts of projects to work on, not only homes but also restaurants, hotels and more. At the moment I am helping a collegue to fill the walls of the office of the tourism and hospitality section for inspiration and seeing at which projects we are working on at the moment.

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In december 2019 ben ik op “sollicitatie” gesprek geweest bij Buffel Outdoor met 3 mede studenten in Oldenzaal op het hoofdkantoor. Het was een leuk gesprek met mooie instructie weekenden in Nederland