The stay

I am staying in an apartment with a private bedroom and shared living room, kitchen and

bathroom. I immediately unpacked my bags the day after arrival so it would feel more like my home for the next few months. I got used to it pretty fast and I am not feeling strange in my own apartment.

At the moment I am staying with two girls from Eindhoven, they are also here for their internship for 5 months. There is also a boy from Utrecht who will be here for 5 months as well and a boy from Slovenia who will be here for 2 months. It is nice to be together but also having my own place to stay. My friend is staying over at the moment for 4 weeks so we are currently with 6 people at the apartment. Just enough and more would be too crowded but there aren’t rooms left so it will stay with the maximum of 5 people included me from now on.

At the beginning I had to get used to the apartment like the shower which has no pressure and the tap water you can’t drink. You can also hear your neighbors very loud and the wifi is very bad but you’ll get used to it I notice now.

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