The start my Netherlands adventure.

All started at my school when our teacher started talking about the Erasmus+ project.

She described the project sayed that it only have seven places for Barcelona in Spain, two for Germany and three for Heerlen in the Netherlands.

After that she asked us if we were interested for go, I decided to go for being more independent, for discover more types of work and visiting an another city.

One week after the school make an group of students who want to go, we were seventeen for twelve places.

The teachers gived us some informations about how the placements gonna be, where we gonna live, how many money we have for eating, what we can do in Heerlen...

When we have all the informations we needed to pass the selection because we were too many for going, so I've doing an list for being ready for the"test" with all my coordinates, my ambitions and how I've would to discovered Heerlen.

The test was a small one, my principal teacher and the assitant headmaster was here to listented to me and asked me some questions about what I gonna do if I have a problem here or if I count visiting somewhere...

A little bit more than one week and we have the results of the "test", I've opened my letter and it was written that I could go because they liked my profile and how I was ambitious.

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