The departure for Heerlen !

The time as come ! Yes, the Monday January 13th at 2 O'clock was the date of the departure for Heerlen.

I've comed at my school with my bags and withe teh two other person who come with me and the teachers, our moms come with us at the school for saying goodbye before not seeing their babies for one month !

The teachers, the other students and I, finished the preparation for go, they gives us the money for eat, asked us if we have all we need and verificate if we has our identity papers.

After that we loaded our bags in the taxi, taking a picture and saying goodbye to our moms.

The taxi take us in Germany beacause two students who goes in Germany were with us, so we've made approximately two hours of roads for goes in Germany and deposit the students and it was our turn to goes in our accomodation places, in the Netherlands.

Between the accomodation place of the Germany students and our, we made aroud two hours of road.

When we arrived in Heerlen we were surprised by how many cycle paths there are here, beacause there is a big diffrence between the french and the Nethelands roads.

Arrived at the accommodation called Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold, we were dazzled by how the house was so big and beautiful.

After we enter in continue to be so dazzled, but we needed to payed attention because we received the keys of the rooms and the instructions about it.

We finished to listening the instruction and go undo our bags, after that we were coming back see to the teachers and they showed us where we wash our clothes, where the kicthen was, where is the room tha play piano or watch TV.

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