The culture

There is a big culture change so in the beginning I really had to acclimate. I needed to get used of the norms and values and the way they live. Maltese people also talk very loud and often they sound angry. I really needed to get used to that at the office. It sounded like they were fighting but they only had a discussion about something small and laughed afterwards.

Maltese people are also very religious and there are a lot of churches. They aren’t really punctual, nobody arrives right on time at the office in the morning and so doesn’t the busses either. It is a challenge every morning to take the bus; they are often very late and sometimes they don’t even show up.

If you visit Valetta in the weekend in the evening and go sit in the main street with a great sight on the Mc Donald’s (Häagen Dazs is a great spot for that) you can see perfectly how the Maltese youth and adults are. The way they act, the way they look similar to the people at home but also the way that make them look typical Maltese.

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In december 2019 ben ik op “sollicitatie” gesprek geweest bij Buffel Outdoor met 3 mede studenten in Oldenzaal op het hoofdkantoor. Het was een leuk gesprek met mooie instructie weekenden in Nederland