Hi! I'm Erika

Bijgewerkt: 19 mrt 2018

I'm a Erasmus student. I have been selected to travel to Heerlen to do my intership. I'm very excited because is the first time that I'm going to go to Netherlands. I will stay since 17th March until 29th May and I would like share my experience for here.

I'm going to sport company. It's named BSO SPORT. It is dedicated to do sport activities with children on a pitch, soccer fielt and other places. I had to do a movie where I present my self and this company contacted with me and I loved it. I have communicated with them so I think that I will like to do my intership there.

Since I knew that I'm going to Erasmus+, I bought my airplane ticket and started to search where stay. I saw on the internet The Grand Student Hall, a residence situated in Heerlen and I liked it.

I have lucky because I have friends who go, too, and I know that I won't be alone. I'm very nervious but I think that is normal. In the same way, I know that I will adapt soon and I will enjoy so much, meet many people and see other cultures.

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