My first see of Arcus.

I've come to Arcus by walking because it's not far away of my accommodation place it takes me only aroud ten minutes.

My teachers tell me what type of learning is made here, and my tutor comes to me, I meet him for the first time.

I've do a walk around the college with him and he showed me what they do here, where is the cafeteria, for finished he told me when I should to be a the college for my first day of work the next morning.

I was very surprised by the difference than France, because here it seems to be very independent, the students don't need to eat all at the same time, the learning seems to be very good and the college is very well distributed and modern.

So many students comes in bikes, I very like it that because in France we don't use the bike or very little,while it's very important, this is more ecological and good for the students.

I'm so happy to do training period here.

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