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Possibly, that this experience is being the best experience of my life. I am in another country, another culture, language, a lot of students of differents nationalities almost in Maastrich, i have visited a lot of places like Paris, my city of course, Heerlen, Den Haag, Keukenhof (tulips garden), I enjoy and go party at the king day and night, I went to the Arcus teacher house to eat ( all food was very good), Amsterdam, Brugge, Ostende, Eindhoven, Amsterdam ... In this cities I visited the centre and the important places, this places have their own charm, their own beautiful places, their own people... All place, was a new and a unforgettable experience. Erasmus is a recommended, and unforgettable experience that you must to do and enjoy. I love travel and trave on the same trip to a different places is awesome

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