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We went to Gozo the last weekend I got with my friend. It took us 2 hours to get there. The first thing we noticed was that you could see the island that good. We knew the island was nearby but not thát close. That is why the ferry only took us 20 minutes when we expected it would take about an hour.

The room view

Sunset from room view

When we arrived we went to see the main city Victoria and the fort on the hill. At the evening we went to a nice AirBnb destination with a beautiful view with the sea behind. The next day we went to the blue hole and the Azure Window which broke down exactly a year ago. When we arrived we noticed that it was very touristic and were actually expected a bit more of all of it. We got closer to see the blue hole but we couldn’t swim in it because the sea was too wild and there were a lot of sea urchins and jelly fish. The water was very clear so we still could see a lot and because of the rocks on the sides of the island.

The Blue Hole

The spot the Azure Window has been

The weather was good so we could lay in the sun and see the rest of the island. There was also a cave with a typical Maltese small harbor. The island had a relaxed vibe and was a bit similar to Malta itself.

The harbor with cave

The fort on top of the hill in Victoria

Victorian streets

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