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The first impression of Malta was really nice. Even though it was raining, the vibe was still good. The temperature was also much better than in The Netherlands. The first weekend I went to the shopping mall with my roommates to go look for things we might need in our apartment during our stay. It was very windy that day so the sea was very wild.

Coast in Sliema

Nearby our apartment is a nice harbor. In the weekends a lot of people are at the boulevard and it's nice to be out there in the sun next to the sea. You have also got a nice view of Valetta and can walk straigt to Sliema.

Msida Parish Church, next to the boulevard nearby home

The weekends after I went to Sliema with my friend to have a look at the Valetta from the other side of the harbor. We also went to Valetta, the main city of Malta. We both knew some good spots to go to like the old red bridge at the back of Valetta and some gardens with a nice view of Malta. The food is good too and the city is always full but not too crowded. At the evening we sat on a terrace and stalked all the people who walked by. It is fun to see the diffrence in people, clothing and behavior between the Maltese and Dutch.

Triton Fountain, Valetta

The weekend after we went to the St. Peters pool. There we met the famous couple of a man and his dog who synchronically jumped off cliffs. It was really nice because of the sun and the heat and there weren’t many people. In summer this place would even be too crowded to find a perfect place to lie down and now we actually had the whole pool for ourselves. The water was pretty cold but you still could swim. The pool was deep an there were a lot of fish, because of the rocks the water was very clear and blue. In the pool the sea was kind of wild so it was tricky to get out. You had to wait for the right wave and hold on tight to the rocks to not get splashed away back into the sea. We are always planning to do things in the weekends because that’s the only free time we have got. We have got a balcony with sun all day long so tanning has become a frequent activity too.

St. Peters pool

St. Peters pool

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In december 2019 ben ik op “sollicitatie” gesprek geweest bij Buffel Outdoor met 3 mede studenten in Oldenzaal op het hoofdkantoor. Het was een leuk gesprek met mooie instructie weekenden in Nederland