My company

As you know, I'm in Heerlen because I'm doing my internship in a sport company. It's called BSO Sport. In this week, I have been able to meet many adorable children and I have done different activities with them, such as sports, psychomotricity, crafts, and more. Ah! and we celebrate the Easter's day, too.

Some of them have taught me some basic words in Dutch, such as numbers (up to 10 haha), colors, "ja" or "nee", and saying "Hi my name is Erika" - "hallo, mijn naam is Erika "

I am very happy to be in this company. They have welcomed me very well and I really like the things they do with the children. Something surprising, that you don't see in Spain, is that children eat cherries, carrots, peppers,... And I think that's very well.

The second day, I got a big surprise. Two girls had made me a letter and a craft and they gave it to me as a gift.

I like my job and I love what I do!

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