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I have been here before in September so I already knew the company a little. The boss recognized me and some other employees did too. There were also new employees so I met them for the first time. The vibe was really nice and I liked how the working environment was. The colleagues are very nice too and we have fun chats. There are a few things we have in common so it easy to start a conversation. They are also very open and involved when you have a question about a project. They don’t mind if you ask things and they even ask me how some programs work. There is another internship employee from the Netherlands and she is nice too.

I spoke with my boss and he said he really wanted to teach me things. Not only designing bedrooms but also a restaurant and hotel. He wanted me to see a lot of aspects of the job so after the internship I really know what you will have to do as a designer and that I know a lot more about the way they work, measurements, working with materials and following trends. I like that he really wants to teach me a lot and not only let me work for him. He also gave me a suiting and challenging exam assignment: designing a hotel room. I am really looking forward to work on the project so I can challenge myself and see what I am capable of. He daily asks for my progress and sends me feedback so I can easily work independent on my own project and I can always ask for help.

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