Meeting Europe

I have always loved traveling. And because I'm an Erasmus student, I'm following it. I am living an enriching and pleasant experience.

I have been to many cities both in Holland and in other countries, such as Belgium and France.

My trips:


We went very early from Heerlen and arrived in the middle of the town. Since I arrived I was surprised because the streets were very nice. We had to walk 1h to get to the Eiffel Tower, but it was worth it ... We toured all the surroundings and we could enjoy a show that some men did.

A wonderful express trip.

Brugges + Ostende

 I had always been told that Brugges is a very beautiful city. And they were right. I could enjoy its old streets, its canals, its beers, its typical food and, of course, its colorful houses.

That same day, my friends and I decided to go to another city that was nearby: Ostende. This had a big beach full of shells of different sizes ... oh, and the water ... it was frozen.

I had a great time.

I had a lot of fun knowing all those wonderful places and I think I'm very lucky.

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