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Gozo is the smaller island next to Malta. If you take the bus from Valletta it will take you to the harbor within an hour and on your way there you will see a lot of Malta as well so it is totally worth it. There is one big ferry going to Gozo every half hour so you can easily hop on. It will take you there within 15 minutes. Because Gozo is very nearby Malta you can see it very good as soon as you come closer to the harbor. When I arrived I noticed that Gozo was nearer then I thought it was. The island itself is really nice. It has the same vibe as Malta but it is more relaxed and there is more nature. If you go to the main city in Victoria you will find a great fort at the top which you can wander around and have a great view of almost all of Gozo. In Gozo there is also the well known Blue Hole and Azure Window (which is unfortunately gone). You can go there easily by bus and there it is very touristic as well. Myself had more expectations about it but I am happy I visited the place. A bit further next to the Blue Hole there is a small kind of harbor with fisher garages for boats and a cave which brings you to the ocean.


Comino is a beautiful island. It is very small and there only live 2 brothers. There are a lot of ferries going to the island to drop the people for the blue lagoon. Not only form Malta but also from Gozo. You can also take a cruise boat which will take you to the Blue Lagoon for a few hours and continues the tour to Gozo, Sliema or Valletta. The water is so clear with rocks and white sand, it looks perfect. It is, until 11 AM.. If you go before that time it is so nice and you have a lot of space on the little beach. But if you go after a lot of tourists will visit as well and the beach will get so crowded that everyone literally lies onto each other. If you go to the rocks a little further you have more space and still have a nice view. Even though it is a crowded place, it is definitely worth the visit.


Valletta is a nice city to walk around and get lost in. In the front you will see the Triton fountain. At night the lightning is really beautiful and a lot of people sit and walk around the big square next to it. The entrance of the city is very nice as well. At the sides there are big steps where a lot of people sit and you can look straight into the main street of the city. If you walk all the way to the back of the city you can go to a red bridge called Breakwater. The bridge is sometimes opened in the summer till 8 PM (depends if the weather is good enough and the waves aren’t too rough) but you will have to walk over rocks for a while to get there. There are also 2 gardens at the edges of Valletta with a great view over the sea onto the other side of the island where the 3 city’s (Kalkara, Birgu & Senglea) are. The gardens have a relaxed vibe and there are fountains and old buildings in it as well. In one of the gardens you will find canons they will still fire at certain times and days. Because there isn't a lot of traffic in the city you will see so many people wander around the streets to view the beautiful steps and typical Maltese balconies. This year Valletta is the city of Europe so there is a lot to do and there is art scattered all over the city. There are a lot of tourists in the main streets but it isn't too crowded and the vibe is relaxed as well.


Msida was my hometown when I lived there. It was one of the most central cities so I could easily be anywhere soon. There were 2 bigger bus stops I could go to within a 5 and a 10 minute walk. Because the island is so small you can go anywhere you want in a short amount of time. It would only take 20 minutes to go to Valletta by bus but walking wasn't a big deal either. You could also walk within 20 minutes to the shopping mall in Sliema and I it was only a 5 minute walk before you arrived at the nearest harbor. Msida isn't really a touristic place but the atmosphere is nice, especially on the boulevard where you will find a lot of locals sitting on benches in the weekend. There is a relaxed vibe as well.


Sliema is more known as the touristic city. There are a lot of hotels there and it is also very good to reach by bus. In Sliema there is a shopping mall 'The Point'. It is actually the best place to go if you need anything. You can go shopping in Valletta as well but there is way more in Sliema. Sliema is also a nice city to walk on the boulevard during the day or at night. There are a lot of restaurants and small streets with little shops as well. Especially in summer the boulevard is filled with people and the vibe is really nice. At the other side of Sliema you will have a look across the sea to the 22 Tower in Paceville. Paceville is the place to be if you want to go out at night. Thursday night is the party night in Malta and you will find a lot of Dutch people there as well. Footloose is the most famous place to go.

Manoel Island

Manoel Island is a small island attached to Malta between Sliema and Valletta. On the island is a ford you can go onto and have a great look at the city of Valletta. You also see a lot of people going for a run or just hang out with friends in the field or at the seaside on the rocks. It is nice to visit this place if you are nearby and need a small city escape.


My internship company was located in Lija. The city there was nice as well. If you walk through the streets you won't really see tourists but still have the nice Maltese streets and houses. In Lija there are one of the most expensive houses in Malta. There is a big garden as well and on a hot day a lot of people go there. There are not only tourists but also a lot of locals. You can really recognize the locals, especially of the children’s clothing.


Qawra is a touristic place as well. You have a nice coastline and a lot of hotels with a nice view. You will also spot the ship wreck which stranded there in February with the big amount of rain. In Buggiba you will also find the Malta National Aquarium and the famous club Café Del Mar Malta. During the day it is a restaurant/lounge but at night they rebuild it to a lounge/club.

Mdina/ Rabat

Mdina is a really nice city if you like tiny streets filled with a nice Mediterranean light and an old vibe. If you go through the city gate you will enter Mdina. There aren't a lot of cars so you will see people all over the street. There you will also find the famous horse and carriage riding all through the streets with tourists at the back. You will get lost in the small streets but that experience is nice as well because you can easily find your way out.


From Mdina it is very easy to go to Dingli. If you go all the way to the coast you will see the Dingli Cliffs. It's a nice place to walk and with a great view as well. It is nice to see how much Malta has to offer. The island has got cliffs and caves and sand beaches and hills and a lot more. The island is so small but also diverse. Everywhere on the island you can recognize you are in Malta, even though the places look totally different, it still has the Maltese vibe.

Blue Grotto

If you want to see the Blue Grotto you have to go to this place. If you stand at the place 'panorama' you will have a nice view of the rocks and you can go down to a pedestrian path to see the Blue Grotto. If you walk further down you will enter a small village with a lot of restaurants and you can go to the boats which will bring you into the cave and shows you the surrounding. There is also a nice spot to swim in the sea and the rocks offer nice tanning spots as well. You do notice it's a touristic place because of the tourist shops but it doesn’t really interrupts the vibe. Perhaps in summer it will be but unfortunately I can't tell you about that.


Marshaslokk has a nice harbor and a (fish) market at Sundays. If you have a 30 minute walk you will arrive at the St. Peters Pool. You can go nearer by car but the last part you have to walk and climb a bit down as well. The place is definitely worth the visit. In summer it is a lot more crowded so it was nice to visit when we were almost the only ones there. The rocks are perfect to lay down on for tanning and you could jump in the sea really good as well. Getting out was a little more difficult because of the slippery stones and wild waves.

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