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Malta arrival.

Bijgewerkt: 23 jan 2020

30 December 2019 arrived in Malta. Apartment was already booked on forehand, sharing it with one other guy. Got my own bathroom and bedroom so that is nice. The flight was 3 hours I prepared everything before. I brought my big backpack full of clothes cause that was easier since I am also bringing my bike to got to work. I left from Maastricht Airport that was really great cause I live in Maastricht and it is so much easier then going to Amsterdam to fly. So 3 hours later I landed in Malta, good flight found a cap that my bike would fit in. Went to the Apartment that looked really nice and had a nice diner in a local restaurant.

So we celebrated New Years eve and did a New Years dive in Malta. That obviously isn't as cold as in The Netherlands.


I brought working shoes. First day I went to my working place on bicycle, I didn't have an airport badge yet so they had to make it. I met the Avionics team, really great and awesome people. In Malta people in general are humble and really helpful.

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