London isn’t just a city, it’s a world..

When I was told that I might have to write a blog, I had mixed feelings. Days had passed and I still hadn’t started. Writing is not my forte. However, I gathered all my courage and just started writing. Writing isn’t just typing words on a screen but it is about learning how to use language in a way that it can say much more.

Dear reader, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Naoual Tanouyat. I am a substitute teacher at Mediavormgeving & Signmaking in Sittard where I teach English as a second language. As a team, we believe that the students shouldn’t see AVO as a separate branch in their education. AVO integration is essential in our students’ education. Rekenen, Engels, LB & Nederlands are indispensable subjects for graphic designers or sign specialists.

The language we use influences the way we think. Therefore, my colleague, Micheal Siedler, and I decided to jump the bandwagon and go to London. In London, we will be attending the short course creative copywriting. In less than a week, we are eager to absolutely learn everything you need to know about how to use language.

Our journey to knowledge and linguistics will start Tuesday, 3 July in Sittard. London is our host from that day onwards. The course, creative copywriting, is a 3-day course starting from Wednesday. For three days, we are going to indulge ourselves with information and knowledge from the teacher, Phil Woodford. He is going to teach us the ins and outs of creative copywriting. Indubitably, we are taking pleasure of staying in the amazing London. After all, London isn’t just a city, it’s a world. After this invaluable and, dare I say it, life changing experience we shall embellish our team with our wisdom and gained knowledge. What’s the point in learning something if you never implement it? Till that time, we are patiently waiting and getting more excited each day.

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