Departure and arrival

I started the day a little different as usual: I overslept 1.5 hours. Perfect when you have a flight to catch. We rushed and finally I was still way on time on the airport of Eindhoven. The flight went nice and when I arrived in Malta it was a bit rainy. Malta isn't used to rain so the streets were full of water and the sideways were very slippery. It was weird because it felt like I was going on a holiday because of the destination but I was going to live there the next few months. I arrived with another group of students and we went to the same apartment. I met two really nice girls who are my housemates and it clicked immediately.

Valetta view from Smida

We went to the supermarket together to get some basic food so we wouldn’t starve the first days but apparently we went to the wrong supermarket so we walked about an hour with full bags of food. I also need to get used to the temperature. In the morning in the sun it is very hot but at the office it is kind of cold. Also when I leave the office at 6 PM it is already dark so hopefully the weekends are sunny enough so I can get a little tan everyone is expecting when I return back home. The busses aren’t as good as in the Netherlands either. Sometimes they arrive 10 minutes earlier of later and sometimes they don’t over show up at all. Either way, the island is very small so sometimes it is also easy to walk a little.

Harbor of Smida

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In december 2019 ben ik op “sollicitatie” gesprek geweest bij Buffel Outdoor met 3 mede studenten in Oldenzaal op het hoofdkantoor. Het was een leuk gesprek met mooie instructie weekenden in Nederland