A little of Germany

Before being an Erasmus student, I dreamed of visiting all the countries of Europe, and when I had seen them all, I continued to see those of the rest of the world. It is very nice to know different customs and different people, and more if they are from different countries.

Among all the cities I have visited, are Berlin and Cologne, both of Germany. We have lived "adventures" that I will tell you later. Now the important thing is to comment that these two cities are very beautiful and I would like to return.


We traveled by train for 6 hours and arrived at 9 a.m. We walked through the beautiful streets and saw tourist places like The Berlin Wall, The TV Tower, The Brandenburg Gate, and more. It was a shame not to have more time.

Cologne (Köln):

Cologne is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. It is near the border between Holland and Germany.

Since we arrived, we could see the Cathedral and its surroundings. We walked along the Hohenzollern Bridge and saw the more than one million locks placed. We walked through streets that were full of people and we could see many clothing stores.


One more step, it is one less.

And we only have to visit a city ... what do you think it is?

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